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New certified DBT Program - P59 Transformation Behavioral Health

Congratulations to Kelly Vinehourt, PsyD, RN and her DBT Team at P59 - Transformation Behavioral Health of Woodstock, IL. They are the latest DBT Program to earn Certification. DBT-LBC thanks you for your dedication and effort in earning this standard of excellence. 

DBT-LBC Program Scholarships

The DBT-LBC Program Certification workgroup is excited to announce that they have doubled the number of scholarships available for 2019 from the Michael Chambers Memorial Scholarship Fund (MCMS). Applications for scholarships are allowed to be submitted and approval notification granted prior to paying the application fee. Please see the Program Certification Scholarship link at for details on how to apply today!

Dr Marsha Linehan awarded Emeritus status

With her retirement last month, Dr. Marsha Linehan has been awarded the title of Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Washington, and Director Emeritus of the Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinics. Please join us in congratulating her on this honor as she enters the next chapter of a life worth living.


DBT-LBC Legacy Donation Fund

DBT –LBC received over $61,000 in donations towards a Legacy Fund in honor of Marsha Linehan to sustain the operations of the Certification organization. We offer our thanks and gratitude for the support of Marsha’s and DBT- LBC’s vision. You can donate also at

New certified DBT program - Awake DBT, Inc.

Congratulations to Renee Sanguinetti M.A. and her team at Awake DBT Inc., of San Jose, California. As of April, they are the latest DBT program to earn Certification. In addition to earning Certification, Renee and other professionals in California have been investing significant energies into educating insurance companies as to the value of certification, both Clinician and Program. DBT-LBC applauds and appreciates their efforts in all these areas.

In Memoriam

Sarah Stelzner, MSW, LICSW, DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™. 5/8/78 – 3/30/2019

On Saturday, March 30, 2019, Sarah Stelzner (Briggs), 40, of Zumbrota, MN passed away peacefully at home surrounded by her family after a courageous battle with ovarian cancer. Sarah is survived by her husband, Michael Stelzner and sons Bryan (11) and Eli, (6) of Zumbrota, MN and a large extended family.

Sarah worked in the social work field for over 15 years in a variety of settings including a non-profit adoption agency, child protective services, community-based mental health, in-home therapeutic services and private practice. She founded the Highland Meadows Counseling Center where she served as Director. Highland Meadows Counseling Center was the first DBT Program certified in the state of MN. Please extend condolences to her partner, Mandy Hyland, MSW, LICSW, who is also a DBT Certified Clinician, and their staff. Sarah was one of the first 10 clinicians in the state of MN to become certified and one of the first 100 in the United States to have earned that distinction.

Sarah served on the DBT-LBC Program Certification Review committee and was Chairperson of the Clinician Scholarship committee. She worked tirelessly within the state to encourage, train and mentor colleagues through the certification process to help them qualify for higher rates of reimbursement by the state for DBT services. She has been a long-term champion of certification and we are hugely touched by her desire to have DBT-LBC as a charitable donation in lieu of flowers. Despite all her challenges in this past year, she continued until just weeks before her passing to work in our organization as she was able. We so value her tireless service. She will be dearly missed.

At Sarah’s request, in lieu of flowers, please consider making a direct donation to either:

The Bryan and Eli Stelzner Trust. Bank of Zumbrota 1440 S. Main St. Zumbrota, M 55992
The DBT-LBC Clinician Certification Scholarship Fund (as a Sarah Stelzner Memorial) 

A celebration of her life service, will be held April 20, 2019 10:00am
Marion Church of Christ- 4051 50th Ave SE Rochester, MN 55904
Immediately following the service will be a reception


DBT at Wake Kendall Group newly certified

Congratulations to Dr. Anne Wake and her Team at the DBT at Wake Kendall Group in Washington DC.  They are the latest program to earn this distinction and we appreciate their dedication and passion to the delivery of comprehensive DBT with fidelity to the Linehan treatment model.  Great job.

New Video Coding requirements announced

The Board of Directors passed a revision to the Work Product requirements effective December 1, 2018. Now you will only be required to pass one out of two coded videos that are randomly selected from the three submitted taped sessions. The objective in modifying the Video Work Sample review protocol was to affect a decrease in burden to the system (and speed up timeframes for results) by reducing the number of codings required for an applicant to pass the Video Work Sample component of DBT-LBC certification. The changes in no way represent a departure from established coding procedures developed at the University of Washington.

First Clinician Scholarship is awarded!

Jessica Heidebrecht, MSW, was awarded the first Clinician Scholarship of $270.  She is from Truro, Nova Scotia in Canada and works with primarily Medicaid and self-pay clients.  She is in her final step in the application process and this scholarship amount will cover the fee for that step.  Congratulations, Jessica.

Please see the website for application information so you can apply too.  We also have scholarships for Program Certification.

Oregon State Hospital's Comprehensive DBT Program is Certified!

Congratulations to Brian Chapman, MA, Mandy Porter, PsyD and the staff at Oregon State Hospital for being the newest certified DBT Program.  They are located in Salem OR, just south of Portland.  They tackled a major task in implementing a comprehensive DBT program in a forensic setting.  From nursing staff to Mental Health Technicians to Social Workers to Psychologists and Psychiatrists, they have created a milieu that provides DBT around the clock to the inpatients in a specialized DBT unit.  Congratulations on a job well done and the administrative support for training for the staff to make it happen!

Psych Recovery, Inc. DBT Team Program Certified!!

Congratulations to another DBT Program that has achieved Program Certification by DBT-LBC.  Cathy Strub and colleagues are the second MN program to earn this designation.  Their hard work has paid off and they have demonstrated an admirable commitment to practicing DBT with fidelity to Dr. Linehan's evidence-based model.  

Daybreak Treatment Center - newest Certified DBT Program

Congratulations to Dr. Garry Del Conte and the staff of Daybreak Treatment Center in Germantown TN as the newest DBT Certified Program!!  Great program for adolescents and children.  Trained staff, satisfied clients, data collection and more.  


Additional Program Scholarship funds recieved

DBT-LBC would like to express great appreciation to Jean Chambers for an additional large charitable donation to the Michael Chambers Memorial Scholarship Fund for applicants for Program Certification.  We encourage potential eligible applicants to consider applying.  If you are a small clinic, offer treatment to an underserved population or struggle in some way to afford the costs of Program certification, please consider applying.  See the website under Program Certification for complete information.

Hillside in Atlanta - Newest Certified DBT Program

Congratulations to Kimberly Vay, Lori Hogeman and their team at Hillside, Inc in Atlanta for earning the latest credential - DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Progam.   Hillside is the first children and adolescent residential treatment program to receive certification. Their entire team was welcoming and demonstrated a real commitment to delivering DBT with fidelity to the treatment model.

Newsletter articles available now - subscribe and read

The articles in the quarterly Newsletter of the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification - Certification Matters - can now be accessed via the homepage link.  Please check it out.  And to subscribe, send an email request through the Contact Us link on the website.  We will be happy to add you to the list.

Scholarship help now available for Program Certification applicants

The DBT-Linehan Board of Certification is pleased to announce the availability of the Michael Chambers Memorial Scholarship (MCMS) Fund.  This fund was initiated to increase access to certification and to help address financial barriers which could interfere with prospective programs becoming DBT-LBC certified.  The scholarship is seeking to fund progams which are small in size and/or primarily serving low income, disenfranchised or marginalized individuals.  Eligible awardees receive a $2000 scholarship towards the Program Certification fees.  Program Team Leaders are eligible to apply for the scholarship once they have begun their Program Certification application.  See the website for further information.

Announcing 4 more Certified DBT Programs

It is with great pride that we acknowledge the accomplishments of four more DBT Programs who have achieved DBT Program Certification this past year.  In addition to our four pilot programs, we now have:

Highland Meadows in MN - Sarah Stelzner and Mandy Hyland - July, 2017

Cadence Child and Adolescent - Dan Finnegan - August, 2017

Portland DBT Institute - Andrew White and Linda Dimeff - October, 2017

Center for Mindfulness and Behavior Therapy - Kay Segal - November, 2017

Won't you join them by beginning your application today?  

Application for Program Certification is now open on-line

At the request of Dr. Marsha Linehan, the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification was charged with creating DBT Program Certification.  Effective April 1st that mission has been accomplished.  Dr. Linehan would like to encourage all eligible program to apply.  

Team Leaders who are DBT-Linehan Board of Certification certified may apply to have their DBT Program certified.  After extensive development of the Program Fidelity Scale (PFS), creation of tracking mechanisms for program review, training of Progam Certification Reviewers and the piloting of 4 DBT programs on the west coast and midwest, we are pleased to announce the avaliability of applying by eligible DBT Programs.

Check out the Program Certification tab for more information.

New Officers Elected to the Board

At the 2017 First Quarter Meeting of the Linehan Board of Certification, the offices of President and Secretary were up for re-election.  Joan Russo, Ph.D. replaced Kathryn Korslund, Ph.D., ABPP as President and Henry Schmidt, III, Ph.D. was elected the new Secretary.  Congratulations, Joan and Henry!

Video submission process announced

DBT-LBC is pleased to announce that the cloud-based method for Work Product Video Submission is now ready for use.  Very simply, certification applicants will receive an email once their case conceptualization has been coded to adherence standards.  After logging into My Account on our website, all instructions will be available for successfully and safely uploading the required files for adherence coding.

We have chosen Box - a cloud-based provider - and are using an Enterprise Account that meets the obligations requred by HIPAA, HITECH and the HIPAA Omnibus Rule.  PLEASE DO NOT USE A PERSONAL BOX ACCOUNT FOR UPLOADING DOCUMENTS.  Our Enterprise account can handle larger file sizes than any personal Box accounts.  Follow the directions for uploading only via our account.

Please see Work Product - Video Submission on the website.  

For those who have had their Case Conceptualizations already coded to adherence, your 3 month deadline for submission of videos will be September 15th.

Update on the numbers and timing of new certifications

We have reached the 1000 mark for those who have started and or are in process or completed the certification process!!  Don't be left behind.

The Board has worked diligently to get the application process completely electronic as of June, 2016.  It is truly worth earning the credential of DBT-Linehan Board of Certification - Certified Clinician.

Program certification will be open for applications by the end of 2016.  Our pilot study clinics were wonderfully accommodating and we are working on the psychometrics and final touches to make it open to any DBT Program with a DBT-LBC certified clinician as the Team Leader.

Skills Trainer certification will be coming in 2017.  Get the new skills training manual and study!

Yearly Exam Dates are established for the Exam Windows

Exam windows and deadlines each year:

March/April: January 18th is the application deadline for the March exam window and February 22 is the deadline for the April timeframe

August/September: June 20th is the application deadline for the August exam window and July 25th is the deadline for the September timeframe

November/December: September 19th is the application deadline for the November exam window and October 17th is the deadline for the December timeframe.



November marked the first group of successfully Certified Clinicians!

At a recent meeting of the ISITDBT communitiy in Chicago, roughly 60 people were recognized as the first group of DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified Clinicians.  Dr. Linehan made the announcement with great joy and excitement that the process that has been worked on for about a decade has finally come to fruition.

Some of those certified are Subject Matter Experts who have participated in the research and development of DBT as well as the creation of the exam and the Work Product adherence coding process, etc.  Their dedication over the years has been much appreciated.

The initial group of clinicians who completed the entire process for certification are to be hugely commended.  They met all the application requirements, passed the exam, submitted a Case Conceptualization that was approved and provided 3 consecutive live session videos with that client for adherence coding and passed.  Being recognized as a Certified Clinician provides a level of assurance to both professionals and the public that this clinician is capable of delivering DBT with fidelity to the treatment model.

A very special thanks to those clients who supported their clinician's efforts towards becoming certified by consenting to be videotaped.

Clinicians who participated in the process indicated it was highly valuable to them to do so.  Comments were made like, "I'm a better clinician for having gone through this process."  "It was very fair but also challenging enough to lead me to believe that anyone who is successful in becoming certified really knows DBT."

Check out the listing under Certified Clinicians to see who is in your area to refer to or call for services.

Final steps for Work Product video submission have been approved

Anyone who has passed the certification exam and has been waiting to submit their case conceptualization and subsequent session videos for the final step in completing their certification efforts is encouraged to proceed.  Check out Work Product - Case Conceptualization.  Your three months to get your Case Conceptualization submitted begins on the date you are notified that you have passed your exam.

Check out the Video Submission guidelines on the web page.  We are now electronic!  Videos are to be uploaded electronically starting May 1st.

We have a hiatus in the month of April where NO VIDEOS will be accepted via any means.  Everyone gets a one month extension to their deadline if it occurs during April.  We are doing the transition from thumb drives to video uploads - a much simpler method.

2015 Exam Dates Announced

The exam format will be changing in 2015 from paper-and-pencil based to Computer-Based Testing.  Applicants will have three opportunities during the year to take the exam at Pearson Vue testing centers around the country.  The exam "windows" are:  April 4 through 25August 15 through September 5; and November 21 through December 12.  You will be able to select the most convenient date for YOU within those timeframes.  Deadlines for applying are 6 weeks prior to the exam window.

Please see Exam Dates and Locations under the Certification tab for more information.

New Revised DBT Skills Training Manual by Dr. Linehan is now available

Dr. Linehan's long-awaited second edition of her DBT Skills Training Manual is available.  To order on, click here:

Support the competent delivery of effective DBT

As many of you know there has been a group of hardworking volunteers developing a Linehan-approved certification process.  You are seeing the fruits of those labors in this website and the development of the certification process.  We need your participation too. How?  By making a significant financial contribution to the funding needs that can't be handled by volunteers.  We have been fortunate to have donors who believe in this effort make contributions that have allowed us to progress this far.  Are you willing to add to their investment by making a tax-deductible contribtion too?

Will you please send a generous gift today?  In order for your contribution to be tax deductible to you, your gift needs to be made to the Linehan Institute, a 501(c3) non-profit organization, and it will then be forwarded to the certification efforts of the DBT-LBC.

To make a donation go to and select the "Give" tab and you will see the "Certification" link that will earmark your contribution to DBT-LBC.  We can't tell you how much it would mean.