--Coming Soon

DBT-LBC began offering DBT Clinician Certification in 2015.  Once a DBT Program has their Team Leader certified by DBT-LBC, the DBT program will be eligible to apply.  We have completed the pilot testing phase to assess the process and measures that have been developed for soundness, fairness and validity in measuring fidelity to the treatment model.  As with Individual Clinician certification, we believe DBT programs that enter and complete this process will benefit from a comprehensive review and feedback about their programs and actually strengthen even the best of programs.  

There will be a listing here for searching clinics in your area.  Currently we have only the clinicians who are certified in our searchable database.  DBT Certified Individual Clinicians.

Once the certification process has been in place and DBT programs are being certified, this will be the place to come and find them.  We will have a searchable database here as well.  We anticipate opening the process for any interested clinics by April 2017.