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90-Minute Webinar with Dr. Kim Skerven and Dr. Jake Camp on Tips for Working with LGBTQ+ Clients in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

June 14, 2024 @ 9AM-10:30AM PT, 11AM-12:30PM CT, 12PM-1:30PM ET

Join us for this webinar where we will share tips for working effectively with LGBTQ+ clients in DBT! We will explore the ways that affirmative practice is embedded within the DBT model, including connections between DBT’s biosocial theory and minority stress theory. Grounded in the current state of the research literature, we will share ideas for ways to decrease stigma and increase affirmation in DBT with LGBTQ+ populations. Special considerations will be presented when working with adolescent LGBTQ+ clients in DBT.

Learning Objectives | By the conclusion of this event, participants will be able to:

    1. Identify connections between DBT’s biosocial theory and minority stress theory
    2. Describe some of the research findings on DBT with LGBTQ+ populations
    3. Identify specific ways to tailor DBT to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ clients, including special considerations for working with adolescents

Presenter | Kim Skerven (she/her), PhD, ABPP is a Certified DBT Clinician through the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification (LBC). Dr. Skerven has a longstanding interest in delivering evidence-based treatment in ways that meet the needs of LGBTQ+ clients. She currently serves as a Co-Chair of the LBC’s diversity committee, a Co-Chair of the Public Policy Committee for APA Division 44 (Society for Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity), and is the Associate Editor of the Clinician’s Digest feature in the journal Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity. At the Center for Behavioral Medicine in Brookfield, WI, Dr. Skerven offers a dedicated skills training group for LGBTQ+ adults that is integrated into the comprehensive DBT program.

Presenter | Dr. Jake Camp (he/they) is a senior clinical psychologist and DBT therapist working in a national (UK) DBT service for adolescents. They also work academically as part of the LGBTQ+ Mental Health Research Group at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, & Neuroscience (King’s College London) with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ mental health and culturally-sensitive therapies. Their recent programme of research has focused on understanding the experiences of minoritized groups in DBT and developing projects to co-produce culturally-sensitive adaptations to DBT, particularly for gender and sexuality diverse young people. This work has culminated in a number of publications.

DBT-Linehan Board of Certification often receives feedback from consumers on the challenge of finding clinicians and establishing a treatment team to support their loved ones; we are excited to offer this live webinar with 2 experts in the field to address this issue.