Using the green links below will guide you in identifying everything you will need to know about the certification process.


Eligibility Requirements - click here

Under the "eligibility requirements" link above, you will find a list of all the information you will need to consider your readiness to apply.  It identifies what to pull together in order to complete your application.  We suggest you review the list and make sure you have all your information BEFORE you start the application itself.  Having the contact information needed, materials you will need to upload copies of, etc. will make completing the application easier.

Application for Certification - click here

The "application for certification" green link is the on-line, electronic method for providing all the information that will be evaluated to grant Individual DBT Therapist certification.  You will create your profile and be able to work on the application over time.  Being prepared by following the helpful hints above will make the application process flow well for you.  You can save your progress as you go.  Once you actually complete and then submit your application for review, your application will be "locked" from any further changes as we verify the information you have supplied.  You will also be asked for your non-refundable application fee at the time you submit your application.  Once each step of the application process is completed, the next requirement to be completed will be unlocked.  We've made it easy to do everything on-line.

Fees - click here

The fees charged for each step of the certification process are explained under the green "Fees" link.  There may be adjustments to the fees over time, so check the link when you do major updates to your profile.

Failure to Pass - click here

At each step of the certification process, you are required to pass to the standard set through psychometric analysis and/or research that developed the adherence coding standards. For the Knowledge Exam, if you fail the first time, you must wait a minimum of four months before being eligible to re-take the exam. For the Video coding, if you fail the first time you have 6 months to resubmit another three consecutive videos. If the client first submitted is no longer available for video, a different client's sessions may be used but specific documentation will need to be submitted for that case. For any of these steps, failure the second time requires a 12 month wait. We encourage clinicians to obtain expert supervision and consultation in the event of experiencing a difficulty in passing the certification process.

An Appeal Process for any adverse decision is spelled out in the Applicant Handbook page 23 (click the link for download).

What are the Pass/Fail rates like?

Since the beginning of the certification process, the rates for pass/fail within the three examination processes has been tracked by year.  

Chart 1: Percentage of applicants successful on the Knowledge Exam the first time; Percentage of applicants successful on retaking the Exam.  

Pass rates graph

Chart 2: Percentage of applicants successful on first submission for Video Coding; Percentage of applicants successful on re-submission.  

Video coding pass rates graph

Maintaining Certification - click here.

Congratulations!! You successfully passed the hurdles it took to get certified.  That is really important for your clients, you, your clinic, the public and those who reimburse for DBT treatmment.  Certification is an on-going process as explained in the green link "maintaining certification".  Each year, at a minimum, come back and be sure we have all your current information in your profile.  Our responsibility is to assure that you continue to practice DBT; that you maintain your mental health license in good standing; that you stay up-to-date regarding DBT, etc.  Completing the information under this link will keep your listing active in the List of Certified Clinicians.  As a service, we will keep track of your CE's if you'd like; access your profile as you complete any CE trainings and enter them right away.  Your on-line profile will always be current.

Continuing Education Units (CE's)

To maintain your certification throughout the 10 year period it is good for, 15 CE's are required to be completed every two years.  Those that meet the requirements for DBT-LBC certification would be any approved CE credits related to treatment delivery in DBT within your designated degree for maintenance of your license.  DBT-LBC does not have its own procedures for approving CE's.  Topics such as mindfulness, behavioral activation, prolonged exposure, clinical excellence, measuring outcomes in therapy, ethics, learning theory, etc would all be considered relevant.

The DBT-Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC) is an independent, 501c3 non-profit organization. DBT-LBC is a certification organization with experts that assess applicants for certification. We do not provide the training that is required for our certification and we are separate from all organizations that provide DBT training. This separation is vital to a quality certification program.