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Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

11/10/23 Therapeutic Oasis, Boca Raton, FL, Team Leader- Nicole Friedman, Psy.D.

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

10/26/23 DBT Center, Worcester, MA, Team Leader- Jennifer Eaton

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

10/25/23 Rochester DBT Institute, Pittsford, NY, Team Leader- Allison Mauro, PsyD

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

7/07/23 The DBT Program at Gladstone Psychiatry and Wellness, Hunt Valley, MD, Team Leaders-Rebecca Blake and Christina White

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

6/13/23 Front Range Treatment Center, Centennial, CO-Team Leader- Jenell Effinger, PhD

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

4/12/23 Columbia University Irving Medical Center Faculty Practice Organization Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Program, New York, NY-Team Leader- Elizabeth Loran, PhD

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

4/4/23 Great Lakes Therapy Center, Chicago Illinois -Team Leader- Victoria Kessinger

Would you be interested, or know of someone who would be a good candidate interested in volunteering as a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Board member?

Many of you heard at ISITDBT this year, DBT-LBC's goal of addressing both sides of our dialectical growth and I am excited to announce one action step that we are ...

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

3/13/23 Grey Zone Psychology & Wellness Centre, Pointe-Claire Quebec-Team Leader- Melissa Stern

REGISTRATION OPEN: FREE Live Webinar with Dr. Blaise Aguirre and Dr. Michael Hollander: "How do you create an effective treatment team?"

In honor of self-harm awareness month in March, DBT-LBC has partnered with Portland DBT Institute and McLean Hospital (Dr. Aguirre and Dr. Hollander) to host a live webinar on Creating ...

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

1/06/23 Wavefront DBT, San Francisco, CA-Team Leader-Esme Shaller, PhD

Skillfully Coping with Cancer: Andrea Gold, PhD

DBT-LBC President, Dr. Kimberly Vay has the honor of introducing Dr. Andrea Gold. Dr. Gold has demonstrated the use of ‘DBT in the Real World’ as she has navigated her ...

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

9/21/22 Peachtree Comprehensive Health (Peachtree DBT), GA-Team Lead: Kimberly Vay, EdD, LPC, CPCS

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

9/15/22 Broadleaf Health, ON-Team Lead: Andrew Ekblad, PhD

Live Webinar with Dr. Blaise Aguirre on Addressing the Care of Suicidal Adolescents: What Works and What Doesn’t; September 16, 2022 @ 12pm-1pm EST


In Honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. There are an average of 123 suicides each day in the USA. Further, the ...

DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Obtains 501c3 Designation

We are excited to announce that DBT-Linehan Board of Certification is now a 501c3 non-profit making all of your donations tax deductible. 

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

6/8/22 South Central Human Relations Center, MN-Team Lead: Renee Lips-Bush

Live Webinar with Dr. Melanie Harned on DBT-PE: June 3, 2022

Treating PTSD In Dialectical Behavior Therapy: The DBT Prolonged Exposure Protocol

June 3, 2022 @ 9AM-10AM PT, 11AM-12PM CT, 12PM-1PM ET

If you are unable to attend the webinar live, you ...

Change is the Only Constant in Life: New Board Members and Officers Elected to DBT-LBC™

Hello all,

The Only Thing Constant in Life, is Change and Join us in Welcoming our Changes to the Board Of Directors at DBT-LBC™

As we all know, change is the only ...

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

3/28/22 Nystrom and Associates, LTD, MN-Team Lead: Donna Pattie

Tributes to Seth Axelrod

In his honor, here is a tribute written by Andrea Gold, PhD, and Suzanne Decker, PhD.

Seth Axelrod, PhD was a DBT clinician, teacher, mentor, scholar, and friend. He directed the ...

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

2/09/22 Hennepin Healthcare, Minneapolis, MN-Team Leader-Mary Souder


Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

12/21/21 Trinitas Institute for DBT and Allied Treatments-Team Leaders-Essie Larson, Ph.D. and Atara Hiller, Psy.D.  

Are you finding it difficult to find DBT treatment with a DBT-LBC Certified clinician or program for yourself or a family member that is covered by your insurance?

See below for some strategies for obtaining treatment with a DBT-LBC Certified clinician or program covered by your insurance

We at the DBT-Linehan ...

Letter from the President's Desk - November Newsletter

Expressing Gratitude: DBT-LBC Certification Discounts

The past 2 years have really given the term ‘new normal’ a whole new meaning. How can you find gratitude in this ‘new normal’? As an ...

Thoughts from our Public Member - Chris Kallas

Beginners Mind by: Christina Kallas J.D., Esq.

It can be daunting to write a regular column, in any publication. It can be particularly daunting to write for this publication. The audience ...

Research Corner

ISITDBT 2021 is Thursday November 18, and this edition of the research corner serves as a backdrop for some of this year’s scheduled workshops. Read on to refresh your memory ...

DBT-LBC Certification Discounts

Don’t miss this opportunity to combine attendance at ISITDBT and discounted clinician or program certification!

DBT-LBC Clinician Certification Discount – Free Video Coding

DBT-Linehan Board of Certification will waive the video coding fee ...

DBT-LBC Program Certification Spotlight

Chicago DBT Institute (CDBTI)

The owner of Chicago DBT Institute (CDBTI), Dr. Kay Segal, started her DBT journey while being supervised by one of Marsha’s former students, Eunice Chen, PhD. She ...

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

10/13/21 Triangle Area Psychology Clinic (TAP)-Team Lead-Lorie Ritschel, PhD

Congratulations to the Newest Certified DBT Program

9/29/21 DBT Center of Lawrence KS-Team Leader-Juliet Nelson, PhD


With so many struggling amidst the pandemic and current climate, there has never been a better time to apply for DBT-LBC certification. Clinicians deserve to be acknowledged for the hard ...

Live Webinar presented by David Jobes, PhD., ABPP (1 CE Credit) “Crash Course on Suicide Prevention” 9-10-2021 @ Noon EST

Click here to register

DBT-LBC has the honor of promoting a tremendous learning opportunity that is not to be missed! Dr. David Jobes, Ph.D., ABPP, David A. Jobes, PH.D., ABPP - Creator ...

Letter from the President's Desk-August 2021

So Much Has Changed all While So Much Has Remained the Same: Living in a World of Dialectics

I hope you all are doing well amidst the ongoing challenges that we ...

Thoughts from our Public Member - Chris Kallas

Using DBT Skills not with my BPD Person

Sometimes things don’t go as we planned.  Often, actually. At those times, it’s good to have resilience. Skills are helpful too.

When I sat ...

Research Corner

As DBT practitioners, we know the research on the effectiveness of DBT outcomes. Delivered to fidelity, DBT treatment remains the number one evidence-based intervention for treating Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms. ...

DBT-LBC Program Scholarship SHOUT OUT

Hello, DBT Friends 

IS your DBT program considering certification? If so, you may be eligible for the 

Michael Chambers Memorial SCHOLARSHIP worth $2000! 

The DBT-Linehan Board of Certification is pleased to report that ...

Clinician Spotlight: Casey Anderson "Lessons learned from my DBT-LBC certification journey"

I was in the thick of learning about DBT when I worked as an outpatient professional counselor at the Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress (CCFTS) at Kennedy Krieger ...

Congratulations to the newest Certified DBT Program

6/24/21 Inner Solutions Ltd.-Team Leader-Jessica Heil

Letter from the President's Desk-May 2021

 Hello all and Happy Spring,

I want to take a moment to wish our treatment developer and distinguished leader, Dr. Marsha Linehan a Happy Belated Birthday (May 5th). She has been ...

Thoughts from our Public Member - Chris Kallas

"Using My DBT Skills in New Places"

We adopted our dog from the New Skete Monastery, which is renowned for breeding its German Shepherds. And we receive their monthly newsletter via ...

DBT Treatment and Telehealth – How Are We Doing?

Anyone else curious how we are evolving as DBT clinicians practicing telehealth? Overall, online sessions presented their own dialectic, with therapists both lauding its ability to reach clients as never ...

Clinician Spotlight: John Lothes, "What brought me to pursue DBT-LBC Certification"

DBT was not on my radar until after I was out of grad school. I’m not even sure it was covered in any of my graduate classes, and if it ...

Newly Elected Member to the Board of Directors

Congratulations to Dr. Sylvia Davidson for being elected to the DBT-LBC Board of Directors!

At ...

Letter from the President's Desk-February 2021

Hello all, 

Welcome to 2021! I would like to take this opportunity to express to each and every one of you my gratitude and thanks to each of you that remain ...

Public Reflections:​ DBT for Congress

DBT for Congress

Having lived for many years in a family with a member who has BPD, as I watched our Congress this past year, I kept thinking that teaching Congress ...

An Interview with Joan Russo: Celebrating the Contributions of an Integral Member to DBT-LBC

Joan Russo, Ph.D., DBT-LBC Immediate Past President, has made countless contributions to DBT-LBC over the past 10 years. In the following interview, Joan discusses the early days of DBT, her ...

Misconceptions and DBT - What is Being Left Out?

Misconceptions and DBT treatment – What’s Being Left Out?

As DBT therapists, we know that part of our job is to validate our client’s experiences while challenging misconceptions. But how do ...

Clinician Spotlight: Susan Snyder Young "How DBT Finds Us"

Susan Snyder Young, LCSW, DBT-LBC™ 

I often joke with colleagues that DBT “found me.” I was living in Detroit, shortly after graduate school, and I had my sights set on working ...

Congratulations to the newest certified DBT Program

2/21/2021 San Francisco DBT Center-Team Leader-Dr. Deborah Mitchell

New Members Elected to the Board of Directors

Congratulations to Dr. Alec Miller and Dr. Alan Fruzzetti for being elected to the DBT-LBC Board of Directors!

At the 2021 First Quarter Board Meeting of the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, ...

Congratulations to the newest certified DBT Program

2/3/2021 Olmsted County DBT Program-Team Leader-Amy Carey

Letter from the President's Desk - November 2020

                        What are you grateful for?
Greetings all,
The chatter in our conference rooms or our cafeterias is ...

Research Corner – Focus on DBT & Prolonged Exposure

Exciting news from the research corner on the effectiveness of delivering the DBT-PE protocol! Check out this article by M.S. Harned, S.C. Schmidt, K.E. Korslund, et al., Does Adding the ...

Public Reflections: DBT pandemic tools; Make the most of each day

Are We There Yet? Where We Are on the Road to Our ‘New Normal’?, and How Do We Get There?

When we have a problem, most of us look for advice ...

Highs and Lows in the Age of Teletherapy

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes to practice as usual for mental health providers across the globe. A recent study out of Australia by Lakeman et al. (2020) ...

Why I pursued DBT-LBC Certification - Jonathan Tinniswood

My journey to seeking DBT certification is a personal story. I could write about positive therapy experiences I had early in the learning of DBT. I could also write ...

Dr. Linehan named as one of the Great Scientists...

Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D., the founder of DBT and a behavioral scientist, is listed among the likes of Salk, Curie, Darwin, Einstein, Newton, and Hawking as one of the great ...

Two Newly Certified Programs

Rathbone and Associates - Britt Rathbone Team Leader - was certified in March.  Britt shared with the Site visitors the following feedback. "We couldn’t be happier and the timing is ...

Updates on newly certified DBT Programs

Congratulations to the following DBT Programs that were recently certified!

10/23/2019  Cognitive Behavioral Consultants in New York - Team Leader - Alec Miller

3/2/2020 - Sparlin Mental Health - in St. Louis, ...

Scholarship donation in memory of Sarah Stelzner

We received a donation towards the Clinician Scholarship Fund in memory of their daughter.  These generous gifts help those clinicians in need of financial help with the fees for certification. ...

New certified DBT Program - P59 Transformation Behavioral Health

Congratulations to Kelly Vinehourt, PsyD, RN and her DBT Team at P59 - Transformation Behavioral Health of Woodstock, IL. They are the latest DBT Program to earn Certification. DBT-LBC thanks ...

DBT-LBC Program Scholarships

The DBT-LBC Program Certification workgroup is excited to announce that they have doubled the number of scholarships available for 2019 from the Michael Chambers Memorial Scholarship Fund (MCMS). Applications for ...

Dr Marsha Linehan awarded Emeritus status

With her retirement last month, Dr. Marsha Linehan has been awarded the title of Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Washington, and Director Emeritus of the Behavioral Research ...

DBT-LBC Legacy Donation Fund

DBT –LBC received over $61,000 in donations towards a Legacy Fund in honor of Marsha Linehan to sustain the operations of the Certification organization. We offer our thanks and gratitude ...

New certified DBT program - Awake DBT, Inc.

Congratulations to Renee Sanguinetti M.A. and her team at Awake DBT Inc., of San Jose, California. As of April, they are the latest DBT program to earn Certification. In addition ...

In Memoriam

Sarah Stelzner, MSW, LICSW, DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™. 5/8/78 – 3/30/2019

On Saturday, March 30, 2019, Sarah Stelzner (Briggs), 40, of Zumbrota, MN passed away peacefully at home surrounded ...

DBT at Wake Kendall Group newly certified

Congratulations to Dr. Anne Wake and her Team at the DBT at Wake Kendall Group in Washington DC.  They are the latest program to earn this distinction and we appreciate ...

New Video Coding requirements announced

The Board of Directors passed a revision to the Work Product requirements effective December 1, 2018. Now you will only be required to pass one out of two coded videos ...

First Clinician Scholarship is awarded!

Jessica Heidebrecht, MSW, was awarded the first Clinician Scholarship of $270.  She is from Truro, Nova Scotia in Canada and works with primarily Medicaid and self-pay clients.  She is in ...

Oregon State Hospital's Comprehensive DBT Program is Certified!

Congratulations to Brian Chapman, MA, Mandy Porter, PsyD and the staff at Oregon State Hospital for being the newest certified DBT Program.  They are located in Salem OR, just south ...

Psych Recovery, Inc. DBT Team Program Certified!!

Congratulations to another DBT Program that has achieved Program Certification by DBT-LBC.  Cathy Strub and colleagues are the second MN program to earn this designation.  Their hard work has paid ...

Daybreak Treatment Center - newest Certified DBT Program

Congratulations to Dr. Garry Del Conte and the staff of Daybreak Treatment Center in Germantown TN as the newest DBT Certified Program!!  Great program for adolescents and children.  Trained staff, ...

Additional Program Scholarship funds recieved

DBT-LBC would like to express great appreciation to Jean Chambers for an additional large charitable donation to the Michael Chambers Memorial Scholarship Fund for applicants for Program Certification.  We encourage potential eligible ...

Hillside in Atlanta - Newest Certified DBT Program

Congratulations to Kimberly Vay, Lori Hogeman and their team at Hillside, Inc in Atlanta for earning the latest credential - DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Progam.   Hillside is the ...

Newsletter articles available now - subscribe and read

The articles in the quarterly Newsletter of the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification - Certification Matters - can now be accessed via the homepage link.  Please check it out.  And to ...

Scholarship help now available for Program Certification applicants

The DBT-Linehan Board of Certification is pleased to announce the availability of the Michael Chambers Memorial Scholarship (MCMS) Fund.  This fund was initiated to increase access to certification and to help address ...

Announcing 4 more Certified DBT Programs

It is with great pride that we acknowledge the accomplishments of four more DBT Programs who have achieved DBT Program Certification this past year.  In addition to our four pilot ...

Application for Program Certification is now open on-line

At the request of Dr. Marsha Linehan, the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification was charged with creating DBT Program Certification.  Effective April 1st that mission has been accomplished.  Dr. Linehan would ...

New Officers Elected to the Board

At the 2017 First Quarter Meeting of the Linehan Board of Certification, the offices of President and Secretary were up for re-election.  Joan Russo, Ph.D. replaced Kathryn Korslund, Ph.D., ABPP ...

Video submission process announced

DBT-LBC is pleased to announce that the cloud-based method for Work Product Video Submission is now ready for use.  Very simply, certification applicants will receive an email once their case ...

Update on the numbers and timing of new certifications

We have reached the 1000 mark for those who have started and or are in process or completed the certification process!!  Don't be left behind.

The Board has worked diligently to ...

Yearly Exam Dates are established for the Exam Windows

Exam windows and deadlines each year:

March/April: January 18th is the application deadline for the March exam window and February 22 is the deadline for ...

November marked the first group of successfully Certified Clinicians!

At a recent meeting of the ISITDBT communitiy in Chicago, roughly 60 people were recognized as the first group of DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified Clinicians.  Dr. Linehan made the ...

Final steps for Work Product video submission have been approved

Anyone who has passed the certification exam and has been waiting to submit their case conceptualization and subsequent session videos for the final step in completing their certification efforts is ...

2015 Exam Dates Announced

The exam format will be changing in 2015 from paper-and-pencil based to Computer-Based Testing.  Applicants will have three opportunities during the year to take the exam at Pearson Vue testing centers around ...

New Revised DBT Skills Training Manual by Dr. Linehan is now available

Dr. Linehan's long-awaited second edition of her DBT Skills Training Manual is available.  To order on, click here:

Support the competent delivery of effective DBT

As many of you know there has been a group of hardworking volunteers developing a Linehan-approved certification process.  You are seeing the fruits of those labors in this website and ...