Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Requirements (10-YEAR MOC IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED)

Being certified as a DBT provider is not a static process - e.g. once done and that's it.  The field will change and new research and treatment developments will unfold that will require updating of your knowledge and skills to stay current with providing adherent DBT.  To that end, Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is a vital part of Clinician Certification.  Its purpose is to encourage and monitor life-long learning specific to Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and assure on-going competency in the knowledge and skills necessary to provide adherent DBT.

MOC Process and Eligibility Requirements 

  • Term of Certification is ten years.
  • After initial Certification, every two years the Certificant will be required to obtain 15 Continuing Education (CE) Credits specific to DBT.
  • Proof of the required number of CEs are to be updated on your website profile every two years but Certificants are encouraged to submit them at the time they are obtained for ease of tracking.
  • A Certificant that provides adherent DBTtraining, workshops, research articles, book publications, supervision or teaching can substitute these activities for up to 8 of the required 15 CEs every two years.  Passing the DBT-LBC initial Certification exam will substitute for 8 of the 15 required CEs in the first two years.  Passing the Certification exam in the tenth year of MOC will substitute for 8 of the 15 required CEs in the two years after passing the exam.
    • Details on the restrictions and number of substitute CE credits that apply to Adherent DBT® training, workshops, research publications, book publications, supervision or teaching will be forthcoming.
  • Required to update profile each year.
  • Required to have a minimum of one active case (does not need to be the same client) throughout the ten-year period.  The Certificant must attest to this when updating his/her profile each year.
    • Details on exceptions (researchers, writers, trainers, administrators, illness, maternity, sabbatical, etc.) to this requirement will be forthcoming.
  • Must attest each year that they meet all of the original eligibility requirements.
  • Must maintain a current unrestricted professional license.  Any disciplinary action taken against the license must be disclosed to DBT-LBC by the Certificant immediately; each Certificant’s license(s) will be primary source verified.
  • Required to pass the current DBT-LBC Certification exam every ten years 
  • Required to submit three consecutively video-taped DBT sessions every ten years, of which two must pass adherence coding 
  • The Maintenance of Certification fee is $95 annually except on the tenth year when that year’s current exam and coding fee will apply.

Be sure to apply before the expiration date on your certification, which will occur every 10 years from its date of issue;