Books/Movies of interest

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Wanklin, J.  1997.  Let Me Make it Good:  A Chronicle of My Life with Borderline Personality Disorder.  Buffalo, NY:  Mosaic Press.

Girl, Interrupted (Columbia Pictures, 1999).   

For Families of DBT Clients

Hoffman, P., Fruzetti, A., and Swenson, S. (1999).  Dialectical Behavior Therapy - Family Skills Training.  Family Process, 38(4), 399-414.

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If Only I Had Known:  A Family Guide to Borderline Personality Disorder (5 DVD Set).  Dawkins Productions.  

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For Couples

Fruzzetti, A.E., and Linehan, M.M. (2006).  The High Conflict Couples:  A Dialectical Behavior Therapy Guide to Finding Peace, Intimacy & Validation.  New Harbinger Publications, Inc., Oakland, CA.  


Websites to explore  

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