For a sample of the Case Conceptualization Format showing the questions and information that will be needed, please click the link below.  This is not the actual form itself that will need to be completed, merely the headings and content required presented here in a PDF format.  To complete the Case Conceptualization form itself, after you have passed the exam, your application will be available for the next stage of the certification process.  Log in to your account to complete the form within the application itself.  We are providing the format here only for the purposes of information and any preparation you may want to do prior to going into your application itself.

Please note: once you begin completing the form within the application you will be able to save work as you go along and re-open the form to continue working on it.  However, once you click the submit button, no further changes to the form will be allowed.  This helps the reviewer know that the form they are coding will not be changed in the midst of their review.  When the review is completed, if there is a need for changes at that time, the form will be available once again for updating/editing. 

Click here to download the format.