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If you knew you could help prevent someone from committing suicide, would you? Well, you can by making a donation to our organization. (Please page down to the bottom for the Donate button.)  There are lots of people suffering now who need to find a treatment that works and to be able to identify reliable mental health professionals who are capable of delivering high-quality DBT**.

Any donation to DBT-LBC works to provide consumers with a reliable source for identifying the therapist nearest them who can help. All donations are tax deductible. Please donate today!

** DBT is a comprehensive treatment that focuses specifically on reducing the risk of suicide and maladaptive behaviors by teaching people how to cope effectively with suicidal thoughts and urges, and to build lives they experience as worth living. Research conducted over the past 30 years has proven that DBT works to save lives and improve the quality of life when it is delivered with adherence to the treatment model. We know that, in order to be effective, a treatment must be provided as it has been researched. This is called ‘being adherent to the treatment model’. Adherent therapy also increases the vitally important likelihood of staying in treatment to completion.

The DBT - Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC) is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to certifying mental health providers who treat suicidal behavior using the gold standard, evidence-based treatment: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Certification matters!

***Please consider a tax deductible donation to the DBT-LBC with this Donate button at the bottom of the page. 


What do actual clients say?

DBT gives clients real tools. “I’m 16. After trying what I thought was DBT, I finally got into a comprehensive DBT program; it saved my life. I was not judged, blamed or put down for my past choices. I was actually understood and given real tools that worked to help me stop impulsive, life-threatening behaviors.”

DBT helps the difficult to treat. “I’m 42. I was a long-term psychiatric patient since I was a teenager. Prior to beginning DBT at age 32, I spent 75% of the preceding 12 months as an inpatient for suicide attempts and self-harm behaviors. I was about to be committed to a state hospital as I was labeled “untreatable”. I agreed to try DBT by a local expert as a last resort. During my participation in DBT, I had NO inpatient stays. It is now 10 years later, and I still have never made a suicide attempt or been hospitalized for psychiatric reasons. This is a life-changing treatment. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it.”

DBT helps the whole family. “I love my daughter, but it was often hard to understand her. With a 160 IQ in math, she would come home from the grocery store with incorrect change. Then Dr. Linehan’s first book came out. I’m not a psychologist, so it was dense. But when I finished the first chapter, I thought, ‘This doctor understands my daughter. I would do anything to learn more about this DBT, because I know it would help her.’ And, wonder of wonders, it did. Over time, she learned how to handle her emotions. She got a job and weaned herself off Social Security Disability. When that job ended, she got another one! She met a man, fell in love, got married, hosted us and a full panoply of relatives and friends at her home for holiday dinners. She created a life worth living, by using her DBT skills. And we became better parents, better spouses, better friends, and better at all of our relationships, using our DBT skills. We have lives worth living as well. And I really see the value in finding a certified provider.”

On the average in the United States, one person dies by suicide every 11 minutes and about half the population knows someone who has died by suicide. As alarming news streams in of staggering increases in substance abuse, overdoses and suicide rates within our communities, we are compelled to take a pause from our work to highlight our mission. Our voices unite with all people educating, pooling resources and increasing awareness about suicide’s effects, especially during September’s Suicide Prevention Month.

The DBT-LBC’s overarching aim is to enable the public to clearly identify providers and programs that demonstrate the capacity to offer DBT in a way that is consistent with the evidence-based research through a process they go through called certification. Certified clinicians demonstrate that they have the requisite knowledge and skills to deliver DBT with adherence to the model as defined by the treatment developer, Dr. Marsha Linehan and her colleagues. Certified DBT programs demonstrate that they have all the necessary components and structure in place to deliver DBT with fidelity to the model. DBT-LBC publishes a searchable directory of clinicians and programs on this website under the Consumers tab to help people locate a qualified DBT therapist or program near them.

Support the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC)

  • DBT patients, their families, and funders deserve the assurance that the treatment they are receiving is truly the effective, evidence-based treatment.
  • States and insurance companies seek a certification process that requires Dr. Linehan’s highly reputed evidence-based standards.
  • Medical professionals and their patients have long benefited from certification practices; it is imperative that mental health practitioners begin the rigorous quality assurance process that certification will provide.
  • We all have a stake in competently delivered, effective Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).
  • DBT practitioners will benefit by participating in a system that demonstrates commitment to excellence as clinicians.
  • Increasing the number of states and insurance companies providing higher rates of reimbursement to DBT certified practitioners, is a goal of the DBT-LBC.

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