Below you will find some FAQs on Clinician Certification

You may also find one of our DBT-LBC YouTube videos helpful

Q. How recent do the 3 recorded sessions need to be that are submitted for the work product?

The 3 consecutive sessions must be within 2 years of submission

Q. How recent do the three completed stage 1 cases need to be for the DBT Clinical Experience?

The three completed cases must have been completed within 3 years of the application being approved

Q. Can I submit a video for certification in a foreign language?

At this time, DBT-LBC is accepting English only videos

Q. Despite numerous attempts to upload my files I still cannot complete my upload.  What can I try?

If you encounter upload problems, try uploading with FIREFOX or CHROME.  They provide enhanced capabilities over Internet Explorer and typically resolve most Java issues. Firewalls can also slow down or stop the upload process.  Try temporarily turning off firewalls.

NOTE: Some business networks may have restrictions.  If your IT department has blocked or slowed connections to outside Cloud sources, attempting uploads to Box from an office setting may be slow or fail.  Try your upload from a different setting or contact your IT department to temporarily reconfigure settings to allow you to successfully upload to Box.

Q. Are there any browser-specific upload limits?

Your internet browser may have file-size upload limits.  For example, Internet Explorer applies file-size upload and download limits that supersede Box account-level upload limits.  Users accessing Box through Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, and 8 can upload files up to 2GB in size.  Users on Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, and 11 can upload files up to 4 GB in size.  If you have difficulty uploading your files, check your internet browser for any known file-size limits. And see the compression tool mentioned below called Handbrake to shrink your file size.

Q. On my Work Product upload to the DBT-LBC applicant folder, what is the maximum file size I can upload?

You are limited to 5GB per file.  Note, however, that smaller files will be faster to upload.  This may mean that you need to compress files prior to upload.  There are many ways to compress files.  This link will take you to one such free tool called Handbrake:

Q. When I went to the Box account to submit my Work Product, it prompted me to upgrade my account to a $5 or $10 per month account.  Do I really have to do that?

No. If you see a prompt asking you to upgrade your account, double check that you have not attempted to upload to YOUR personal Box account. As a reminder, it is important that you not upload in any manner other than directly to your DBT-LBC applicant folder on Box as other upload processes may not afford you the HIPAA protections required for PHI.

Q. What if I do not pass the video adherence?

The videos will be coded to evidence-based adherence standards for DBT.  One of the three submitted videos must meet adherence standards.  If the video does not pass review, a second submission set of three, provided within 3 months, will be required but at no additional fee.

If the second submission is unsuccessful as well, an additional 6-month wait will be necessary.  In this case, we recommend consultation with a trained DBT clinician to assist you.

Q. Where can I get technical assistance?

Since there are so many different computers, cameras and phone devices with individual specifications and internet connection speeds, it will be difficult for us to troubleshoot applicants’ technical issues.  Please try your best to seek technical help on your own.

Q. Do I need to buy a special camera, or can I use a smart phone or tablet to record the sessions?

Most webcams will work.  Be sure the audio can be heard!  If you use a smart phone or tablet, be aware that most will not record more than 35 to 50 minutes at a time.  You may have to start the recording twice.  Please note:  if this happens, be sure to copy BOTH parts of the same session if it is a two-part video.

Some people use cameras that are installed on their computers; others use  webcams that they hang in an effective position in their office. We will try to take every video format possible.

Q. Should the video be focused on the therapist and/or the client?

When the video is focused on both, there is more complete information for the coder, even though both are likely to be in profile.  However, clients have the right to refuse to be on camera.  If that occurs, focus the camera on the therapist.  Seeing the therapist is most important.

Q. Should the recording be video, or can it just be audio?

It should be video, but audio would be accepted.  Audio puts the applicant and the coder at a disadvantage because it is more difficult to determine adherence to DBT.  Video allows the coder to see the non-verbal responses to the client, which often gives us clues about strategies that are being used.

Q. How and where will I send the videos?

After passing the exam, you will receive an invitation email to log back into your account where you will find very specific instructions on how and where to submit the required files.  How to name the files will be clearly spelled out.

Q. What do I include in my file upload in addition to my session videos?

Each of the three videos should include a copy of a redacted diary card reviewed in the session and a Session Information Form that can be  found here for the session.  If for any reason you deviated from standard delivery of DBT in a way that is nevertheless consistent with the principles of DBT, let us know why you did so.

Q. What stage of treatment should the videos reflect and is there a time frame for each video?

The videos submitted must be of a client that is in stage 1 (Pre-treatment sessions 1-4 will also be coded). Recordings should be of complete sessions, usually around 45 – 60 minutes.

Q. How many video recordings do I need to submit?

Submit 3 consecutive video sessions of the same client.

Q. Once I submit my application, when can I expect a response?

Your first response will be an acknowledgement that your payment was received.  That means we also have your application in our system too.

Your application is assigned to a reviewer. Once the application is reviewed, you will either receive an email stating that your application was approved or that revisions are required before moving forward.  Once that is done, all the documents that were uploaded are reviewed and some things need to be verified from the primary source that issued them.  For example, we check directly with the licensing board that issued your license.  After Primary Source Verification is completed, the clinical review of the application is done. All that can take 4 to 6 weeks or more to accomplish.

Q. Can I use audiotapes instead of video for the Work Product adherence coding?

Adherence coding of DBT therapy sessions involves the observation of both verbal and non-verbal behaviors on the part of the client and the therapist. For that reason, video recordings give the adherence coder a much more comprehensive view of the session. We can code audiotapes of therapy sessions, but the absence of seeing the non-verbal behaviors that occur in DBT sessions may influence the coding outcomes.  Video is therefore much preferred.

Q. Where can I find the Fees for the certification process?

You can find the fees here  to see what the fees are for submitting the application, registering to take the exam, and submitting your Work Product.

Q. Do I need to be certified in order to implement a DBT Program?

It is not necessary to be certified before developing a DBT program.  It will be necessary for at least the Team Leader of your DBT team to be certified for your DBT Program to be eligible to apply for program certification.

Q. What are the requirements for certification?

You can find a complete list of eligibility requirements here

Q. What licensure/credentials do I need to qualify for enrolling in the DBT-LBC’s certification program?

A master’s degree or higher is required as well as active licensure with no restrictions and in good standing in your appropriate practice discipline.

Q. Is there a sample test I could see?

No sample exams will be made available, but we have included a few sample questions so that you can see the format that questions will take.  These sample questions will not be on the exam but are for purposes of illustration, you can find them here

Q. Will I be certified after completing training in DBT?

No.  You may be given a certificate of attendance at training sessions you go to.  This merely indicates your presence for the allotted time period.  You can find the differences between a ‘Certificate’ and ‘Certification’ here.