At each step of the certification process, you are required to pass to the standard set through psychometric analysis and/or research that developed the adherence coding standards. For the Knowledge Exam, if you fail the first time, you must wait a minimum of four months before being eligible to re-take the exam. For the Video coding, if you fail the first time you have 6 months to resubmit another three consecutive videos. If the client first submitted is no longer available for video, a different client’s sessions may be used but specific documentation will need to be submitted for that case. For any of these steps, failure the second time requires a 12 month wait. We encourage clinicians to obtain expert supervision and consultation in the event of experiencing a difficulty in passing the certification process.

An Appeal Process for any adverse decision is spelled out on page 23 in the Applicant Handbook.

Pass/Fail Rates Through End of 2023

Since the beginning of the certification process, the rates for pass/fail for the Knowledge Exam and the Work Product (video coding) has been tracked by year.

Chart 1: Percentage of applicants successful on the Knowledge Exam the first time; Percentage of applicants successful on retaking the Exam.

Chart 2: Percentage of applicants successful on first submission for Video Coding; Percentage of applicants successful on re-submission.