Complaint Policies and Procedures

Discussed below are ways the Board will handle any consumer complaints about certified DBT therapists. 

The DBT-Linehan Board of Certification™ is not a regulatory body. Because it is not such a body, it cannot enforce any restrictions, limitations, or sanctions on any practicing therapist. While the Board welcomes consumer communications regarding their concerns about certified DBT therapists, it is the responsibility of the certified therapist to inform the Board immediately of any disciplinary actions taken against their licenses.

When a client has a question, concern, or complaint regarding their treatment by a DBT-LBC™ provider, the Board encourages the following steps, in order. First, bring up your concern directly with the therapist. This first step is crucial because it is the belief of the Board that many complaints can be effectively dealt with through a direct conversation with the therapist. This first step is also consistent with the DBT strategy of addressing therapy interfering behavior, both on the part of the consumer and the therapist, as promptly and directly as possible. If you as the consumer cannot resolve the issue directly with the therapist or in situations where talking directly with the therapist might be impossible or inappropriate, you should then approach the therapist’s DBT Consultation Team Leader for his or her assistance in solving the problem. If the therapist happens to be the Team Leader, please approach another Team member for help in resolving the issue within the Team. If you cannot resolve your concern within the Team after these efforts, you should then contact the leadership of whatever agency the DBT program is a part. At this point, agency procedures for handling complaints should be followed . If the consumer is receiving treatment in a standalone DBT program, where there is no overarching agency to turn to, or if you still have not been able to resolve the issue with the agency, please contact the therapist’s state licensing/regulatory board. At this point, the consumer will follow the complaint procedures in effect for the state licensing/regulatory board.

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