The DBT-Linehan Board of Certification™ is pleased to announce the availability of the Clinician Certification Scholarship Fund. This fund was initiated to increase access to clinician certification and to help address financial barriers which could interfere with prospective individuals becoming DBT-LBC™ certified. The scholarship is particularly seeking to fund individuals who are serving low income, disenfranchised or marginalized individuals.

The eligible awardees receive a $270 scholarship towards the Clinician Certification fees, specifically the Work Product portion. Individuals must pay the Application fee and Exam fees. The Scholarship committee is dedicated to increasing community access to DBT-LBC™ Certified clinicians and further increasing knowledge around the importance of certification. Efforts are underway to add to and grow the current level of funding in the Clinician Certification Scholarship Fund to sustain scholarship availability for years to come.

We hope that the availability of scholarship assistance helps clinicians be able to pursue this valuable certification.

How To Apply

Download the Scholarship Application Sample Form, or download it from the Certification Tab when logged into your account. The form includes instructions on how to return it to the DBT-LBC™ when it is completed.