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Overview of the Program Certification Process

Please note: Scholarships are Available for Program Certification to cover the cost of the Site Visit Fee! Please email [email protected] for the application! You can find more information about the Program Certification Scholarship here.

Step 1: Completion of the Online Application

To locate the online application, Log into My Account on the DBT-LBC™ website and go to the “Program Application” tab. The application consists of identifying information about the program, the team leader, members of the team, the elements of DBT included, and questions about the consultation team and processes with clients in the program.

Information required: Identifying information of the program and Team Lead, list of team members, elements of DBT, data on client enrollment, information on client processes while enrolled in the program.

Fee: $450

Time Frame: 2-4 weeks for approval

This application is reviewed by a program reviewer to determine initial qualifications. If there are any further questions, the program reviewer will reach out to schedule a meeting to further discuss any questions or concerns.

Next steps: If your application is approved, you will be moved into Desktop Review. If your program does not meet qualifications, your program reviewer will provide feedback and support you in being able to move into the next step.

Step 2: Desktop Review

After initial approval, the Team Lead will receive an email to upload their program documentation to their DBT-LBC™ account.

Information required: Please utilize the section below entitled Program Manual Guidelines to guide the development of your Policies and Procedures Manual.

Fee: $1,500

Time Frame: 4-6 weeks

At this stage, you will be assigned two program reviewers. These reviewers are DBT-LBC, Certified Clinicians and have been a part of a DBT-LBC, Certified Program™. DBT-LBC™ Program Reviewers have also undergone additional training within DBT-LBC™. Your program reviewers will assess your DBT program’s functioning on paper: how your program functions and how it supports DBT principles in existing program policies and procedures. Your program reviewers will reach out to you with follow-up questions.

Next steps: If your program meets qualifications, you will be moved into the Site Visit stage. If your program requires work on additional elements, feedback will be provided, and you will have 6 months to modify existing programs and then re-submit documentation for a second review.

Step 3: Virtual Site Review

Following Desktop Review approval, your program reviewers will reach out to you to schedule your Site Visit.

Information required: The Site Visit consists of the following elements:

  • Team Lead interview
  • Client and/or Family Interviews
  • Provider Interviews
  • Program debrief
  • Skills Group observation (120 minutes in length)
  • Consultation Team observation

More information will be provided on the specific number of observations and interviews based on your program size and number of DBT-LBC, Certified Clinicians on staff. You will also receive additional documentation from DBT-LBC™ on how to prepare for your site visit, including additional questions that may come up from programs, providers, or clients.

Fee: $2000

Duration: Scheduled within 4-6 weeks of Desktop Review Approval

Next steps: All documentation is compiled, along with program reviewer notes and submitted to the Program Certification Committee for Review. Based on all compiled information, the Committee will approve a program to become a DBT-LBC, Certified Program™ or you will receive feedback and have a specified amount of time to address the recommendations that were given before rescheduling additional observations or interviews.

Program Certification is granted for a 5-year period with yearly Maintenance of Certification required.

For additional questions please reach out to [email protected]

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Maintenance of Certification

Application Self-Assessment