The following information below details the Maintenance of Program Certification to ensure your program is up to date with all requirements.

Yearly Renewal

  • Each year, DBT-LBC Certified Programs will be asked to submit information regarding the functioning of their program as part of the yearly renewal process. You will receive an email reminder on November 1. The renewal application will be opened on the DBT-LBC site starting December and you will be able to begin the renewal process. The renewal application and $250 fee must be completed by January 31.

Please note, any programs certified after July of the calendar year will not be required to complete the form and will begin MOC in the following calendar year.

Information Required:

  • Team Lead changes
  • Staff updates
  • Resubmission of the Policies and Procedures Manual (Please highlight or note any changes to the Policies and Procedures Manual since last submission)
  • Number of clients currently enrolled in the program
  • Number of clients who started treatment in the past calendar year (January to December)
  • Number of Stage I clients exited due to the 4-miss rule in the past year
  • Any new programming that has been added since last certification renewal (i.e., IOP, PHP)

30-minute Team Leader Meeting

  • Following your yearly submission, a member of the DBT-LBC Program Certification Committee will be reaching out to schedule a brief 30-minute meeting. Every program, regardless of changes, will be asked to participate.

Additional Review
Based on the information submitted on your renewal form, your program may require additional elements to assess for adherence. This may include any elements of the original site review, including but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive desktop review
  • Team Lead interview
  • Consultation team observation
  • Skills group observation
  • Clinician interviews
  • Client interviews

This additional review helps ensure your program maintains adherence to the high standards that your program values as well as compliance to DBT-LBC’s mission of delivering high quality DBT. It also ensures delivery of DBT with fidelity to the model as it has been researched.

Program Renewals
Your program is effectively certified for 5 years until the next review will be required. At the 5-year review, we will comprehensively evaluate all elements of your program including a Desktop Review and Site Visit.

The following fees apply to the 5-year program renewal or if your program triggers an additional review at the yearly renewal:

  • $250 for Desktop Review
  • $500 for Site Visit
    • If a review is completed (whether at the yearly renewal or the 5-year renewal) and your program requires a site visit, you are eligible to apply for the MCMS Scholarship, which will cover the $500 Site Visit expense.
      • Scholarship Form: Access to the scholarship form here. There you will click the button, at the bottom of the form, to download your form. Once your form is completed, please email it, along with your 2 Letters of Recommendations, to [email protected].

Program Changes Requiring Immediate Notification:
To remain adherent, please notify DBT-LBC about any of the following changes as soon as possible:

  • Team lead change
  • Changes to your program that may impact PFS scoring (Please submit additional documentation as applicable)
  • Changes in contact information for the Team Lead
  • Addition of new locations, satellite offices, etc.

Disclosure of DBT-LBC Program Certification
We also ask that you are very clear on marketing materials that only the assessed Comprehensive DBT Programs are certified. Additionally, please ensure clients understand that while your program may be DBT-LBC Certified, individual clinicians within the program must go through their own individual certification and DBT-LBC Program Certification does not assess the functioning of individual clinicians.