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What are you grateful for?

Greetings all, 
The chatter in our conference rooms or our cafeterias is replaced with the disquiet we are experiencing in our social distancing bubbles. These new adjustments have made everyday normalcies like getting dressed in the mornings or making dinner feel like the day’s greatest achievements. It is extremely easy to feel overworked, underappreciated, and even removed from reality when we are in isolation. While there is no universal cure for these current ills, regularly practicing gratitude can help. What better time of year than right now to begin this practice! Expressing gratitude is proven to improve our overall wellbeing and sense of happiness! During a crisis, taking time to thank others is vital to combat loneliness and increase social connections. Thankfully, it tends to be contagious also. Mindfulness helps us focus on even the smallest things to be thankful for. I encourage you all to participate in a gratitude practice in your teams in the coming weeks. What are you grateful fo

As an organization of volunteers, DBT-LBC is forever grateful for everyone in the DBT community working to help others in this crucial time. It reminds us of our mission – to provide the community at large with a resource to identify clinicians and programs practicing adherent DBT. We are even more aware of the need to have more clinicians and programs seek out certification and ‘expand the map’ of coverage by DBT providers. We have an exciting offer you will want to take advantage of. For a limited time only, DBT-LBC is offering a discount for applications between now and December 31st for Individual certification applicants. And for those applying for Program Certification between now and January 31st. Registration for ISITDBT and meeting the deadlines are all that are required to get the “sale price”. For Individuals, the savings is $270; for Programs the savings is $2000!!!

Be sure to check out the ISITDBT website registration for more information. Or visit for more information
We are grateful for ISITDBT. It is a time when we can all come together and network and connect with the DBT community both near and far. Making connections along with personal and professional friendships that are sure to last a lifetime. While I am sad that this year will look different and we won’t ‘see’ each other the way we had hoped we would, I am grateful for the efforts of the organizers of ISITDBT. They have worked hard to adapt and still bring us all together in a way that we are all too familiar with these days, through a screen.

While we, at DBT-LBC, will definitely miss seeing so many of you in person this year, we join with the organizers with confidence that this will be the best-attended ISITDBT conference yet. And for that we are grateful!! And be sure to attend our DBT-LBC panel discussion where we will answer lots of questions that may have been on your mind about certification.

With love to all, 
Dr. Kimberly Vay