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Video Coding:

Research has been conducted to develop a consistent, reliable and valid means of coding video recordings of actual treatment sessions to assess adherent delivery of DBT by the clinician. Coders have been trained to a level of consistency both within and between coders. Coordinating the entire process and maintaining standards is a vital task for DBT-LBC™.

Program Certification Site Reviewer:

Every program that goes through the certification process is assigned 2 Reviewers that work with the program through the process. This is a great opportunity to get involved, support other programs, and be involved in fruitful discussions with leaders in the field.

*In order to be a Program Reviewer, you must currently be a part of a certified program or have been a part of a certified program in the past year.

If you are interested in becoming a Program Site Reviewer and you meet the stated requirements, please reach out to us here to express your interest. 

Application Review:

These individuals monitor applications, do Primary Source Verifications, conduct review of the requirements in the application and approve the applicant’s qualifications to register for exam