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The fundraising committee’s mission is to support and advance the life-saving initiatives of DBT-LBC™ in certifying clinicians to deliver DBT with fidelity to the evidence-based model. By engaging our community and cultivating partnerships, we aim to secure vital resources that empower DBT-LBC™ to fulfill its mission, make a positive impact, and increase access to adherent DBT.  Participating on this committee not only supports the goals of DBT-LBC™, but also offers valuable personal and professional benefits:

  • Skill Development: You’ll have opportunities to develop and enhance your fundraising, communication, networking, and project management skills.
  • Networking: You’ll have a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, potential donors, and professionals, expanding your professional network.
  • Impact and Fulfillment: Contributing to fundraising efforts directly supports the mission of DBT-LBC™, allowing you to make a tangible impact in our community and on this very important cause.
  • Personal Growth: You may experience increased confidence, leadership abilities, and personal satisfaction through the knowledge that you’re contributing to a meaningful cause.
  • Resume Building: Experience on a fundraising committee demonstrates commitment to social responsibility, strategic thinking, and collaboration, which can enhance your resume and career prospects.
If you are interested in volunteering on the Fundraising Committee, please reach out to us here to express your interest. You do not need to be a Clinician in order to join this committee.