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The mission of the DBT-LBC™,  Michael Chambers Memorial Fund (MCMF) Scholarship committee for program certification is to ensure scholarship funds be made available to eligible programs to promote and support DBT-LBC™ program certification.  

The DBT-LBC™, MCMF Scholarship committee for program certification was formed to oversee the program scholarship process including creating and updating program scholarship guidelines, disseminating program scholarship availability and process to potential applicants, reviewing program scholarship applications and letters of support; and ultimately determining scholarship awards and notifying program applicants of their approval status.  

The DBT-LBC™, MCMF Scholarship committee also works in collaboration with other DBT-LBC™ committees to promote awareness of and availability of high quality DBT by encouraging the certification of individuals and programs. We like to generate ideas for how to make DBT program certification more accessible and attractive to potential programs. We welcome new members! 

Scheduled 2024 DBT-LBC™, MCMF Scholarship Committee 2024 meetings are:

Occurrence: 2nd Thursday – every 4 months 

Time: 10-11am EST 

April 11th 

August 8th 

December 12th 

If you are interested in volunteering on the MCMF Scholarship Committee, please reach out to us here to express your interest. In order to join this committee, you must be an active DBT-LBC™, Certified Clinician.