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The Publications Committee provides bi-weekly blog content that informs DBT-LBC™, Certified Clinicians and stakeholders of the DBT-LBC™ about information pertinent to the DBT-LBC™ and the DBT world at large.  This content may include updates from the DBT-LBC™, Board of Directors, upcoming webinars, advancements in DBT, and spotlights on DBT-LBC™, Certified Clinicians and DBT-LBC™, Certified Programs around the globe. This committee seeks to collaborate with the DBT-LBC™, Social Media team as well as the other DBT-LBC™ committees to highlight their work. 

This committee meets on average once every quarter- 6 months via zoom for under an hour to outline the blog posting schedule and discuss ideas. Much collaboration is done via email.  

If you enjoy writing, editing, or working with Canva, this could be the group for you! Blog posts are purposefully concise, so the time commitment is minimal and infrequent. Canva know-how is not required- we can do that piece for you!  

“Working with the DBT-LBC™, Publications committee has been a helpful form of accountability for me to stay up to date on happenings within the DBT-LBC™, helped me to stay more connected to the worldwide impact of DBT-LBC™, and has made me a better DBT clinician. I love collaborating with DBT clinicians all over the world and being encouraged by the work that they are doing. -Emily Vanderpool, Publications Committee Co-Chair 

If you are interested in volunteering on the Publications Committee, please reach out to us here to express your interest. You do not need to be an active DBT-LBC™ Certified Clinician in order to join this committee.